Grafoil ® Flexible Graphite Gaskets

The best thing to happen to the sealing and gasket industry over the last 10 years has got to be
Grafoil®Flexible Graphiteand we handle all types including: Sheet, Ribbon , Braided and Ribbon Pack.
At one time it was only used in high temp applications, but like the computer your on ....the prices have come down.


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Grafoil Ribbon Pack
Ribbon Pack used for Valves in the field, or to make die formed packing sets is one of Grafoils ® most common uses. Used in Refineries, Power Plants, Co-Generation Facilities or anyone dealing with high temp applications. We can deliver it to you in any dimension you choose
Grafoil GHR - GHR
Flexible graphite, due to it's softness seals great but can also break if bent too far. To make it easier to handle we offer it with a 316 S.S. foil insert, tanged insert, or for easier cutting - no insert at all. Available in a range of grades from automotive & Industrial to Nuclear.
VOC Grafoil Packing Set

Die formed Graphite sets for valves in applications that require the lowest of leak rates. Now a standard in the valve industry because of it's effectiveness, Carbon yarn end rings with die formed flexible graphite center rings

Braided Graphite
Braided Flexible Graphite
Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH

A high temperature packing good for most applications. Now available in this braided version that eliminates the need for dies. Great for high temp or chemical applications (non-oxidizing) that can not leak. When you have to have the leak rate near that of a Mechanical Seal in a pump this is the packing to use.


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American Seal and Packing

At American Seal and Packing has been providing Genuine Grafoil Flexible Graphite since 1994. We recognize there is a difference between the inexpensive imports and high quality American made Flexible Graphite. The most significant factor is the purity of the graphite. Graphtec imports it's raw material from Madagascar because the graphite is the most pure. Flexible graphite is made "flexible" by expanding it into flexible graphite worms. To do so the graphite has to be exposed to acid. The two acids that work are nucleic and sulphic. Sulphuric is the least expensive and is often used for that reason by the inexpensive importers. Depending on the concentration used the resulting graphite will often smell like rotten eggs. Nucleic is the better of the two methods and does not leave a sulphur residue.

The big concern is not just the smell of sulphur but the pitting the sulphur will cause to your flanges. It does not make a lot of sense to save a couple dollars on an inexpensive flexible graphite gasket, and spend hundreds replacing flanges that will no longer seal properly because they are pitted.

Common Grafoil® Flexible Graphite Grades

  • GTB GRAFOIL is the standard industrial grade with oxidation/corrosion inhibitors (minimum 98% graphite) containing less than 50 ppm leachable chlorides and less than 1000 ppm total sulfur content
  • GTA GRAFOIL high-purity grade (minimum 99.5% graphite) containing less than 50 ppm leachable chlorides, and less than 630 ppm total sulfur
  • GTJ is a high-purity grade based on Grade GTA. This grade contains phosphorous oxides as an inorganic, nonmetallic, passivating corrosion inhibitor that also increases resistance to oxidation by about 125°F
  • GHE GRAFOIL and 0.004" thick 316 stainless steel tang
  • GHR GRAFOIL and 0.002" thick 316 stainless steel
  • GHA Adhesive-bonded and thermally carbonized laminate made from GTA
  • GHV GRAFOIL and 0.015" thick 316 stainless steel
  • GHT GRAFOIL flexible graphite and 0.002" thick alloy C-276 foil
  • GHO GRAFOIL and 0.004" thick alloy C-276 tang
  • GTK GRAFOIL Grade GTK has the same purity level as Grade GTB and the improved resistance to oxidation and/or corrosion similar to Grade GTJ
  • GHL Laminated All GRAFOILGTB flexible graphite sheet
  • GHW GRAFOIL flexible graphite & 0.0025" E-Glass Insert
  • GHP GTB sheet thermally bonded on each side of a 0.0015” (0.0381 mm) thick polymer interlayer.
  • GHB Adhesive-bonded and thermally carbonized Grafoil laminate made from GTB
  • GTH Ribbon Pack® corrugated tape Adhesive-backed GTB approved for oxygen service up to 200 psig
  • GTF Ribbon Pack® corrugated tape Adhesive-backed GTA approved for oxygen service up to 200 psig. Containing less than 50 ppm leachable chlorides
  • GTS Grafoil Paste - Premium nuclear grade thread sealant paste made of a colloidal mixture of graphite flake and a proprietary carrier
*The most common grades are in bold


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